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March Magic

At Mar 05, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time -a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic. -Adrienne Cook


For many people, those winter dreams may include a new home. From newlyweds looking for their first home to empty nesters realizing the time has come to downsize, the dreams are as varied as the dreamers. But all have a common goal of finding that perfect home at the end of the rainbow.

March is the ideal time to get a head start on the spring home-buying season. Across Country Realtors are ready now to share in your dream anduse their many resources to locate properties which meet your criteria. With attractive interest rates and an economy on the upswing, investment in a new home may just be your personal Pot of Gold.


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This Pennsylvania Home is the Most Beautiful Fixer-Upper Ever- COUNTRY LIVING

At Jun 28, 2016

We’re dying to get our hands on it!

 Across Country Real Estate

If this old house could talk

What a story it would tell

It would tell about the good times

And the bad times as well

—Loretta Lynn

We’d be hard-pressed to find any old house lover who wouldn’t drop everything for the chance to restore this 5,000-sq. ft. Victorian house in Montrose, Pennsylvania—which might just be the most beautiful fixer-upper we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Eastlake-style, wraparound porch is the first thing that caught our attention, but we became more and more enamored as we scrolled through the interior photos. The home features a number of perfectly-intact Victorian-era mantelpieces, a sweeping grand staircase, and just enough peeling wallpaper to make us want to roll up our sleeves and dive right in. There’s also an old player piano sitting inside that surely has some stories to tell. If ever a house had potential, this is it!

You’ve probably already made a long list of summer projects, but you could squeeze in one more teeny, tiny thing, couldn’t you?

Asking price: $169,900.

For more information, contact Don Cunningham,(607) 221-5809 or John Ward, (570) 557-1020, co-listing agents at Across Country Real Estate,

From: AR Revista

The American Dream

At Jun 08, 2016

The 4th of July is also known as Independence Day. In 1776, a diverse and courageous group of men had a dream of a free land where independent men and women could peacefully pursue and achieve their individual goals through hard work and determination. Through the years, many other brave men and women have worked ad even fought and died to enhance and to protect that dream.

For many, an important part of that American dream is home ownership. Even to the early colonists, a sign of independence and success was to own a piece of land. Pioneers made their way west with the goal of owning land and settling their families into log homes. Our fighting men returned from WWII and small ranch houses sprang up all across our nation, forming entire new communities. Whenever the economy has thrived, home sales and construction have been in the forefront.

Across Country Real Estate is Proud to be a part of making the American dream a reality for families in our local communities. Let us help make your dreams come true.



The Buyer-Agent Relationship

At Jun 08, 2016

You have signed an agreement to have an agent represent you in finding your dream home.  The next week, you see a house with a “for sale” sign.  You want to tour the home, but it is listed through a different agent.

Who should show you this property?  The correct response is:  The agent with whom you already have a working relationship. Your agent can work through the seller’s representative to show you any home, even if the property is listed through another agency.  The same would be true of properties you may see through any media, including on-line.  Remember, only your own agent has your best interest as his or her primary concern.

If you should choose to attend an open house, be sure that the listing agent showing the home knows that you are represented by another agent.  If the home is one on which you want to consider putting a purchase offer, give the agent who is showing the home your own agent’s contact information or simply call and let your agent know of your interest.  Your own agent will then facilitate any additional showings and/or subsequent transactions

Like all businesses Real Estate is competitive, however, there is a collegiality among most agents; and when a property transaction comes to a successful close, all parties benefit.

We at Across Country Real Estate, put forth our best effort for each buyer we represent; and, in return, we appreciate our clients’ loyalty.


In the Summer …

At Jun 08, 2016

In the Summer…

Summer is the time when homeowners take a closer look at their properties. Perhaps it is only a spring cleaning or some minor renovations that are needed to put that first love back in a home. For others, it may mean realizing that they have outgrown their home and it is time to part ways.

Perhaps that charming bungalow and small yard no longer meet the needs of a growing family; or conversely, maybe that spacious family home is now too large and hard to maintain for empty nesters. If you find yourself in either of these situations, the first thing you want to do is to carefully and honestly assess your situation.

An excellent resource to help in this process is the expertise of your local realtor. Today’s realtor is trained to look objectivelyat properties, something difficult for us as homeowners to do. An agent can explain the entire selling process and help you determine if, in fact, this is the decision you want to make and is the timing right.

Once the decision is made, the agent can assist in preparation for listing a property.

 The realtor will help you see, through a fresh pair of eyes, those repairs and renovations which would make your property more attractive to a prospective buyer. Sometimes, a simple coat of paint or rearranging the furniture can make a difference in how a buyer sees a room. Trimming trees and bushes and planting a few flowers will enhance that curbside appeal. Making repairs can alleviate a buyer’s concern about the age of a house.

 Most importantly, your local agent can work with you in pricing your property for the market. Hitting just the right target price for your property is critical to a quick and profitable sale. Your hometown realtor has local demographics and trends available as well as access to the most productive advertising and marketing strategies which work in your area.

 Once your home is listed, your agent will work on your behalf to advertise and show your property in a manner designed to attract qualified buyers in a timely manner. The agent will also advise and represent you in any negotiations with a potential buyer. Even after, the sold sign goes up, your local realtor will see you through the final closing process.

 If selling your property is in your summer plans, we at Across Country Real Estate would like to assist you with hometown friendliness backed with professional expertise and national resources.


Scoring a Home Run

At Jun 08, 2016

Scoring big is the hope of every home seller or buyer.  Your best chance of having that happen is to have a great team behind you.  Start by choosing the right real estate agent to represent you.  Pulling a name out of a hat or hiring your cousins’s best friend is not the way to go in making this important decision!

Remember, you will have a close working relationship with your agent, so you need to select a professional in whom you have confidence and with whom you feel comfortable and can easily communicate.  Meet with potential agents and ask about their education and experience, their professional affiliations, their knowledge of the local area and how they would market or search for your specific property.

One way to ensure that your representative is fully licensed, trained and has the oversight, technology and office support needed to successfully complete your transaction is to work with an agent affiliated with a reputable and successful company.

At Across Country Real Estate, our team of agents are fully supported, working under the leadership of licensed and experienced Real Estate Broker, Patricia Aiken, who oversees all transactions.  Having national affiliation, Weichert Realtors’ provides technical and advertising support as well as up-to-date training for our agents, and our efficient office staff is available full-time to take calls and inquiries.  Call or come in and ask to meet with one of our agents.

We are proud of our winning team at Weichert Realtors’, Across Country Associates.  Let us score a home run for you!