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In the Summer …

In the Summer …

Jun 08, 2016

In the Summer…

Summer is the time when homeowners take a closer look at their properties. Perhaps it is only a spring cleaning or some minor renovations that are needed to put that first love back in a home. For others, it may mean realizing that they have outgrown their home and it is time to part ways.

Perhaps that charming bungalow and small yard no longer meet the needs of a growing family; or conversely, maybe that spacious family home is now too large and hard to maintain for empty nesters. If you find yourself in either of these situations, the first thing you want to do is to carefully and honestly assess your situation.

An excellent resource to help in this process is the expertise of your local realtor. Today’s realtor is trained to look objectivelyat properties, something difficult for us as homeowners to do. An agent can explain the entire selling process and help you determine if, in fact, this is the decision you want to make and is the timing right.

Once the decision is made, the agent can assist in preparation for listing a property.

 The realtor will help you see, through a fresh pair of eyes, those repairs and renovations which would make your property more attractive to a prospective buyer. Sometimes, a simple coat of paint or rearranging the furniture can make a difference in how a buyer sees a room. Trimming trees and bushes and planting a few flowers will enhance that curbside appeal. Making repairs can alleviate a buyer’s concern about the age of a house.

 Most importantly, your local agent can work with you in pricing your property for the market. Hitting just the right target price for your property is critical to a quick and profitable sale. Your hometown realtor has local demographics and trends available as well as access to the most productive advertising and marketing strategies which work in your area.

 Once your home is listed, your agent will work on your behalf to advertise and show your property in a manner designed to attract qualified buyers in a timely manner. The agent will also advise and represent you in any negotiations with a potential buyer. Even after, the sold sign goes up, your local realtor will see you through the final closing process.

 If selling your property is in your summer plans, we at Across Country Real Estate would like to assist you with hometown friendliness backed with professional expertise and national resources.

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