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The Buyer-Agent Relationship

The Buyer-Agent Relationship

Jun 08, 2016

You have signed an agreement to have an agent represent you in finding your dream home.  The next week, you see a house with a “for sale” sign.  You want to tour the home, but it is listed through a different agent.

Who should show you this property?  The correct response is:  The agent with whom you already have a working relationship. Your agent can work through the seller’s representative to show you any home, even if the property is listed through another agency.  The same would be true of properties you may see through any media, including on-line.  Remember, only your own agent has your best interest as his or her primary concern.

If you should choose to attend an open house, be sure that the listing agent showing the home knows that you are represented by another agent.  If the home is one on which you want to consider putting a purchase offer, give the agent who is showing the home your own agent’s contact information or simply call and let your agent know of your interest.  Your own agent will then facilitate any additional showings and/or subsequent transactions

Like all businesses Real Estate is competitive, however, there is a collegiality among most agents; and when a property transaction comes to a successful close, all parties benefit.

We at Across Country Real Estate, put forth our best effort for each buyer we represent; and, in return, we appreciate our clients’ loyalty.

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